Infographic: 7 Fast Growing Jobs and Careers for Australians

0 Comments   Posted: 24/04/15   by Luke Imbong

    Before you get into a new job or career, you should know about which ones are expected to experience high growth over the next 3 years. Learn how you can get into these growing careers by checking out the article, “7 Fast Growing Careers Every Australian Job Seeker Should Know“. Share this infographic on your Read the full post

    The Top 5 Training Courses for Safety Officers and Professionals

    0 Comments   Posted: 26/03/15   by Luke Imbong

      The Top 5 Training Courses for Safety Officers and Professionals

      Looking for a career in safety? Occupational health and safety is a major concern for Australian employers and employees alike. After all,  you wouldn’t want to go home with a missing limb and a hefty fine. Safety Officers prevent that from happening in mining sites, construction areas, city offices and everything in between. How do Read the full post

      7 Fast Growing Careers Every Australian Job Seeker Should Know

      0 Comments   Posted: 24/02/15   by Luke Imbong

        7 Fast Growing Careers Every Australian Job Seeker Should Know

        Are you looking for your next career? Learn more about which jobs are expected to grow strongly in the next 3 years so you can make the best decisions! The Australian Government’s Job Outlook website is an amazing resource full of valuable employment information including high growth careers and we’ve already summarised the most recent Read the full post

        Skill Shortages and the In Demand Jobs in Australia

        0 Comments   Posted: 23/02/15   by Luke Imbong

          Skill Shortages and the In Demand Jobs in Australia

          What skills and jobs are in shortage in Australia? Are you looking for a new career? Why not get into an industry that is actively looking for employees? If you don’t know where to find these jobs in shortage, don’t worry! The Australian Government has done most of the leg work by surveying employers across Read the full post

          Work Health and Safety Career Guide

          4 Comments   Posted: 31/10/14   by William Cowie

            What is a Health and Safety Professional? A work health and safety professional is a person trained in Work Health and Safety (WHS) practices and regulations. They design, develop, implement and analyse WHS programs. WHS professionals ensure safe and healthy working conditions in workplaces, assist injured staff through the compensation and rehabilitation process or workers Read the full post

            Would you move for work?

            2 Comments   Posted: 28/08/14   by William Cowie

              Would you move for work?

              “Workforce mobility” is essential in Australia’s modern economy. It’s vital to get people with the right skills to where they are needed. Moving for a job is a huge commitment and a decision most people don’t make lightly. Have you ever relocated to accept a job? What would (or did) it take for you to Read the full post

              The Job Hunting Guide

              0 Comments   Posted: 30/07/14   by William Cowie

                Job hunting would be in most people’s “top 10 most stressful activities”. It often coincides with some of the lowest points of our lives – when we’ve recently lost a job or are working in a job we dislike just to survive. For the majority of us, earning an income is essential to our quality of life. Read the full post

                36 Resume Writing Tips

                2 Comments   Posted: 23/07/14   by William Cowie

                  Your resume is an fundamental and essential tool for your job hunt. At some point in every job application process, someone will want to have a look at your resume. This document is a reflection of you; not just the information in it, but how you present it too. So how do you make your resume top Read the full post

                  Top Rated Jobs in Australia

                  0 Comments   Posted: 06/05/14   by Inspire Media

                    Find out what the Top Rated Jobs in Australia are

                    A college degree is not always an assurance of finding a job that pays well. The skills in demand now may not be valuable or useful in just a few years time. In choosing a course, there are many factors that should be taken into account. Failing to get a job after graduation could be Read the full post

                    Recovering from job loss

                    2 Comments   Posted: 06/11/13   by William Cowie

                      Recovering from job loss

                      Just experienced a job loss? You have our deepest sympathies. There are many reasons for job loss: firing, layoffs, redundancy, illness, injury, end of contract, business failure, or technological change to your industry. Natural disasters can wipe out a business or industry overnight. You might have had to quit due to personal circumstances or to Read the full post

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